Crocodile – Crowdfunding for latest film

Kia ora

I’ve just launched the fundraising campaign for my latest film, Crocodile, the film I’ve been making in Nigeria for 3.5 years. Fingers crossed… maybe toes too. Take a look and share if you’d like. You’ve been a wonderful supporter of me in the past so hopefully you’ll find the latest work interesting too.

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They live in a town called CROCODILE. Nine kids rising out of the swamp of drug trafficking and scamming, rewriting their future… and setting it in a 2049 scifi world. A coming-of-age documentary film from three times Oscar selected and Sundance award-winning NZ filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly and Oscar nominated producer Chelsea Winstanley, the first ever indigenous woman to receive that accolade.


In their films they are super heroes. We believe in real life they’re super heroes too.

This is a coming-of-age film like no other. This is my 6th documentary feature and with every film I make I challenge and advance my craft and bring many New Zealand film practitioners with me. Unfortunately neither the NZ Film Commission nor NZ on Air are able to fund films where the subjects are not New Zealanders. And so I am reaching out to you.

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Pietra Brettkelly
Arts Laureate of New Zealand
Member of AMPAS