Spring and Tribeca

Spring and TribecaEn route to my film’s last screening at Tribeca Film Festival in New York I walked through the spring of Central Park. And a little boy came to show me the mosquito he’d caught, in a jar, that he was feeding a tulip flower.

I asked him to take my photo with the blossoms. And while his skills being able to capture alive other species is questionable, I think the kid has a certain appreciation of chiaroscuro as you see in the photo attached….

And now in the beauty of home, an autumn swim and distilling the last month of YELLOW IS FORBIDDEN’s world premier, then Hotdocs Documentary Film Festival Toronto, my genre home and then to the inspirational and crazy Cannes Film Festival.

It has been magical and I thank you all truly for your enthusiasm for my film, your kindness to me and your dedication to helping me continue in this extraordinary filmic life.

For all the fabulous reviews and articles, and information on future screenings go to the film’s facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/yellowisforbidden/