The Rescue of Iani Parts 1 & 2

A two part documentary for TV3’s Inside New Zealand charting the seven year struggle of New Zealand woman Alana Cleland to adopt the Romanian orphan, Iani Lingurar, who she says “stole her heart”.

Romanian authorities have claimed she stolen the child and Alana and Iani are now trapped in a former Soviet block country fighting a system that won’t acknowledge she is the only family he’s ever known and he is the child she has put her life on hold for as the process drags on.

This is a landmark case that has shocked New Zealand and made headlines in Romania.

The must-see documentary reveals how Alana and Iani have become trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare; and why Romanian authorities are panicking about inter-country adoptions.

It is of particular current interest since Alana and Iani are among several hundred families from around the world that have been devastated by Romania’s decision to end all international adoptions.

Their story will sound warning bells for any New Zealander considering an international adoption.