The Guo Pei story

“A new film by New Zealand film maker Pietra Brettkelly chronicles the life and work of fashion designer Guo Pei – it’s called Yellow is Forbidden – currently in post production. Guo Pei – whose clients include Beyonce and Rihanna – is based in Beijing and Paris. Pietra is fundraising to finish the film.”

‘Yellow is Forbidden’ is in post production now. Radio New Zealand featured the film over the weekend. Listen below.

How You Can Help – Boosted

YELLOW IS FORBIDDEN was an extraordinary film to shoot and edit. As with any creative venture, there must be difficulty – ha! – and that has been in the funding.

I’ve managed to raise nearly half the budget, but I need your help to cover the fine cut of the film, the composer, archive, colour grade, sound mix and deferred fees.

The great thing about Boosted is that NZ donors can claim 33% back on their tax return. So if you give $100 you can claim $33 back!

I’m needing more than $20,000 but am truly grateful for anything. Boosted is an all-or-nothing platform meaning that if I don’t reach the target of $20,000 in 30 days your donation will be refunded.

My overseas friends, Boosted is in New Zealand dollars – $1NZ equates to about .75US cents. But if you would like to donate US$1000 or more let me know as there is a similar US charitable organisation that operates for such donations.

Note: PROJECT STATUS: SUCCESSFUL $22,725.00 OF $20,000.00 by 98 DONORS. Thanks everyone.