Film: The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

Art-Star-2“A Stunning Film” NOW Magazine

“A brutally honest, remarkably self-critical reflection on foreign adoption.” LA Times

Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary the art star and the sudanese twins follows popstar of the art world Vanessa Beecroft’s intentions to Sudanese adopt orphaned twins.

But as New York gallerist Jeffrey Deitch states, with Vanessa there is no boundary between life and art.

Alongside the adoption process she photographs herself breast-feeding the twins, provocative work at $50,000 a print.

The film exposes Vanessa’s creative process, her struggle with depression, her volatile relationship with her husband and her love of the twins.  Like Angelina and Madonna, Vanessa is a white westerner intent on ‘rescuing’ third world babies.  But at what cost to her personal life?