Donations – MBG

Make your pledge with secure PayPal and we’ll put you on the film’s credit list. I am passionate about documentary filmmaking and know that the ideas I have need to be recorded for our generation and future generations.  And with your help I can do it.

If you are able to make a larger contribution and live in the US or New Zealand your donation is tax deductible through my 501(c)(3) partner (US) or the Arts Foundation of New Zealand.  If you’d like to discuss this exciting possibility, or with confidentiality about the films please do email me.

With immense gratitude to these donors:

Dame Jenny Gibbs Maree Gantley
Marten Rabarts John & Laura Keady
Sarah Billinghurst Pat O’Connell
Arthur & Madeleine Brettkelly Melinda Han
Sharon Brettkelly & Adam Hollingworth Linda Teplitz
Jody Brettkelly & Kevin Coldiron Joanne Martin
Tony & Grace Brettkelly Suzanne Timpson
Guadalupe Mendoza Trejo & Alberto Cabezas Talavero Pam and Tom Sheffield
Natasha & Richard Rice Karen MacKenzie and Peter Mayo
Laurie Marks & George Chintala Gabrielle Brettkelly and Paul Chalmers
Helena Hughes & Phil Walters Richard Pamatatau
Sonja & Simone de Mari Armagan Ballantyne
Carole Dean, From the Heart Productions Maggie and Brad Hohle
Great Southern Television Rob Sarkies
Rachel Gardner Michele Fantl
Phil Smith Lana Ululani Robbins
Anna Geddes Savana Jones-Middleton
Renee Ruakere John Draper
Richard Soldinie Dr Caron Dann
Eve Enemark Margaret von Schiller
Heather Lee Charyn Jones
Janet Peters Alexandra and Brendon Reid
Caterina De Nave Juliet Bergh
Greg Royal Arne Bro
Sue Garland & Tom Barter Irena Dol
Andrew Toouli David Coulson